Absolute Clarity

Structural Glass Skylights

Insight redefines what is possible in standard skylight design, with structural glass construction and unparalleled views.

Insight skylights by Bellwether are the culmination of 20 years’ experience in designing monumental skylights and structural glass systems. We began with one goal: to refine the skylight to its core components, leaving only a brilliant view between you and the outdoors. Our patent pending structural glass construction delivers incredible strength, performance characteristics that exceed industry standards.

How It Works

With Insight, the structural components of the skylight are reduced to a low profile sill, structural glass, and simple apex fitting. The result is a remarkably clear aesthetic, resembling a finely cut gem on the outside and providing superb clarity from inside.

Exterior view of Insight Skylight

Exterior View

  1. Aluminum apex fitting
  2. Structural glass
  3. Silicone weatherseal
  4. Aluminum sill
Interior view of Insight Skylight

Interior View

  1. Aluminum apex fitting
  2. Structural glass
  3. Interior trim gasket

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