How do we create custom glazed structures that are completely unique to your vision, while delivering predictable performance results? Our design-build professionals have created and refined a design assistance process over two decades.

Custom Glazed Structure Process Concept

Concept Generation

It starts with the big idea, in a rendering or on the back of a napkin. We collaborate with your design team to determine what you want to achieve in form and function. Then, we dig into our extensive knowledge base, and develop new ideas to provide you with options. Output from this stage includes project photos, sketches, and library design details from similar projects, to get a range of possibilities on the table.

Custom Glazed Structure Process Refinement

Design Refinement

Once your general direction is set, we confirm your design criteria, refine the options, and generate rough-order-of-magnitude cost impacts for each approach. As your design-build partner, we apply proven design strategies to your custom glazing project. Output from this stage includes a Project Design Review document, with sample details, wireframes, budget-based construction considerations, and an overview of each solution, including benefits and tradeoffs.

Custom Glazed Structure Process Development

Design Development

Our design review recommendations give you all the information you need to make the right decision. The design-build professionals at Bellwether can then continue to partner with you in a Design Development stage to develop initial drawings and details, confer with installation experts, and create project budgets. Output from this stage includes project-specific details, specifications, and detailed cost estimates to help you finalize your contract documents.

Structural Glass Project Hyatt Place

Bellwether’s adventurous spirit in combination with their technical competence enabled us to realize that which we literally could only imagine.

—Tim Hart, Canal 5 Studio

Bellwether collaborates with installation partners right from the start, so that each custom glazing system is designed to meet goals for aesthetics, performance, budget, and constructability, We continue to deliver comprehensive project management before and during installation, providing any necessary field support until the project is complete.