Custom Glass Canopies

Custom Glass Canopy Custom Glass Canopy

Designing and creating custom glass canopies doesn’t have to be complicated. We’ve simplified the step-by-step process of designing and ordering structural glass canopies, point supported canopies, and glass awnings.

The design-build professionals at Bellwether provide architects with a step-by-step, systems-approach to developing exactly what they envision. Our design assistance process begins with a pre-engineering analysis to determine glass thickness and structural considerations based on the unique project requirements and design criteria.

Our canopies are available with nearly unlimited glass and structural options:

  • Flat glass
  • Segmented glass
  • Curved glass
Glass features
  • Clear and translucent interlayers
  • Custom pattern interlayers
  • Standard pattern frits
  • Custom pattern frits, including digital print-to-glass options
Canopy Structure Options
  • Outriggers
    • Glass
    • Stainless, aluminum, steel
    • Fin/Tee style, or tube structure
  • Tiebacks
  • Anchorage to the building structure

Of course, each of our custom glass canopies are fully engineered and stamped to meet your local building codes. See how the design-build professionals at Bellwether can you help you create a glass canopy as minimal or elaborate as your design.