Structural Glass Walls and Facades

Custom Structural Glass

Custom glass walls and facades add drama, beauty and light to any building, especially at the entrance.

Each of our curtain wall systems is fully engineered and stamped, with professional design-build assistance, from shop drawings to installation drawings, plus any required testing protocols. The result? A glass wall or façade designed for efficient installation, low maintenance, predictable performance over time—and an unforgettable first impression.

Point Supported and Structural Glass Walls

Point Supported Custom Glass Walls

Each of our custom all-glass wall systems can be designed to include the glass, structural support systems, anchorage, and interface components for adjacent materials.

We use both off-the-shelf, and completely custom-designed fittings. Through our design-build process, we help you determine what approach is best for your particular project and budget.

Curtain Walls

Custom Glass Curtain Wall

Bellwether custom curtain wall systems are often designed as hybrid systems, combining unitized and stick-built methodologies. Our experience designing fully tested production systems allows us to meet the unique structural and geometric requirements of your project.

Our curtain wall systems include the aluminum framing, glass, anchors, and integration with surrounding materials.

Feature Walls

Custom Glass Feature Wall

The feature wall is often a point-supported installation that functions as signage, or acts as an artistic focal point. They can also be designed as structural glass, aluminum framed, or fin wall systems, providing a cost effective way to add a signature element to your project.

Custom glass feature walls can be interior or exterior, and we provide complete engineering and coordination for anchoring the wall to a new or existing structure.