The primary objective at 1350 Eye Street was to design an all-glass entry wall and vestibule as an update to an existing building. The design is unique: its structure comes from its own glass walls, rather than glass fins or a metal frame.


While entry walls and vestibules are often considered independent structures, Bellwether designed the vestibule at 1350 Eye Street as an integral support for the upper entry wall. We also focused on maximizing floor space within the vestibule by removing any glass fins shown in the original drawings. Both goals were accomplished by sizing the wall glass to act as large support fins, and by creating custom vestibule roof rafter anchors that tie into the glass fin structure above the vestibule.


The vestibule and wall are not only aesthetically seamless, they also work together to resist wind load and structural loads. The result is a very clean, clear entry way that brings the street entrance of the building up to the highest standard.


Washington, DC


WDG Interior Architecture, Washington, DC

Products Used

Point Supported Curtain Wall with Integrated Vestibule and Doors