Our goal for 1812 North Moore Street was to create an exterior railing system that would be an extension of the glass curtain wall on the building.


Bellwether designed the glass railing system using angled aluminum T-shaped rail posts. All components were custom designed and fabricated for the unique requirements of the angled “crown” at the top of the building. We also coordinated with the customer to integrate one of their existing top cap extrusions into our design, to further protect the overall architectural design intent. All parts were cut on CNC equipment for the greatest accuracy.


The glass railing system at 1812 North Moore Street meets the architect’s aesthetic and structural requirements, resulting in a sleek glass railing system that works in harmony with the building’s structurally glazed exterior. The railing appears to be part of the curtain wall package, so you can’t detect where one system ends and the other begins.


Arlington, VA


Davis, Carter, Scott LTD, McLean, VA

Products Used

Custom exterior railing system