Our objective at CD Adapco Headquarters was to design a glass vestibule system to match the architect’s rendering—and meet the timeline of a re-cladding project that was well underway when the installer approached us. We had a short timeline to catch up with surrounding trades and design a vestibule that would integrate with the new metal panel cladding system that was already being installed.


Bellwether quickly evaluated the project and designed multiple options for the architect to consider. We developed interface details to meet surrounding conditions and materials that already existed or were in progress. We engineered the system to reduce the amount of glass fins, saving space within the vestibule. We designed custom structural fittings and integrated electronic door opener systems. During the design-build process, we solved unique details related to door placement, rainwater management, and structural considerations. In addition, Bellwether designed a small custom canopy on the opposite side of the building.


Though Bellwether came into the project mid-stream, we helped the architect achieve the desired look, working well within an aggressive project timeline. The glass vestibule complements the building’s aesthetic seamlessly, and it provides an interesting visual element at the entrance.


Melville, NY


William F. Collins AIA Architects, LLP, Setauket, New York

Products Used

Point supported vestibule with glass fins and integrated doors