In addition to meeting aesthetic and budgetary specifications, the overarching requirement for the glass vestibule at the Harbor Point S4 building was schedule: the project needed to be completed from concept to installation in 90 days.


The design-build experts at Bellwether worked closely with the developer and architectural design team to deliver the concept in just three months. The vestibule was designed as a structural glass cube, with custom patch fittings to anchor wall glass to fins and roof rafters. We met the budget by using standard insulated glass units, using patch fittings that did not require holes. We also designed an integrated canopy and door portal to blend into the cube. The glass roof rafters were slightly shaped to give the roof a slight slope for channeling water flow.


The glass cube vestibule at Harbor Point is a true one-of-a-kind structure. It sets a modern tone within this mixed-use commercial development.


Stamford, CT


EDI International, PC, New York, NY

Products Used

Glass cube vestibule, with laminated fin structure and integrated canopy