Bellwether was approached by KieranTimberlake Architects to provide design assistance services on the Harvard House Renewal project.  The objective was to evaluate numerous skylight concepts and help the architectural team to select and refine the Light Court skylight option that best fit aesthetic, performance and budget requirements.


The Light Court skylight was designed to enclose an open air walkway between the two halves of McKinlock hall, creating a bright, conditioned courtyard for informal meetings and congregation space.

The skylight is built as a low-profile skin system, supported by steel T rafters.  Insulated glass and a light frit pattern provide energy efficiency and reduce glare within the space.


The new Light Court skylight at McKinlock hall transformed the residence hall by providing bright, open space, that connects the two parts of the building.  The contemporary design design of the skylight blends seamlessly within the historic structure.


Cambridge, MA


KieranTimberlake, Philadelphia, PA

Products Used

Custom skylight system