The NYU Global Academic Center was designed with a visually stunning curtain wall system.  Custom shaped LED-illuminated glass fins are designed to provide an illuminated, undulating appearance when viewed from an angle.  Additional systems include a high span storefront, which is anchored to a “floating” staircase, and an integrated glass vestibule.


Bellwether designed all curtain wall and storefront systems for efficiency in production, installation, and thermal performance.  The custom shaped LED-illuminated glass fins were designed to be mounted to the curtain wall panels via an integrated knifeplate anchoring system.  Rigorous structural calculations were completed to create an anchoring system between the wall and staircase which could handle differential movements.


The NYU Global Academic Center is an absolute standout in both day and night.  Even when the glass fins are not illuminated during the day, the frosted interlayer allows them to glow in the sunlight.  Despite its small size (approximately 10,000 square feet of curtain wall), the building is instantly recognizable among neighboring structures of traditional design.

Kerron Miller of Hickok Cole said of his design assistance collaboration with Bellwether:  “There is nothing better than working with consultants who are not afraid to tackle challenges head on and think creatively.  Bellwether delivered.”


Washington, DC


Hickok Cole Architects

Products Used

Custom curtain wall with LED-illuminated glass fins