The entire first floor at Riu Plaza’s newest hotel at Times Square, features a point supported fin wall, with an integrated parapet railing and large point supported canopy.  At the top of the building, a point supported windscreen is also part of the hotel design.  The key objectives were to create a fully transparent lobby and restaurant entrance, which transitions to a parapet railing, in the same plane as the wall.  A 15′ x 50′ canopy provides a huge amount of cover for guests entering the hotel.


Bellwether provided coordinated design and engineering services to bring all structural glass systems together, ensuring water tightness, and a light aesthetic.  The walls and railing are supported by glass fins and stainless spider fittings, and the canopy with a steel structure that reaches through the point supported wall.  Sliding doors fit within a stainless clad portal.


The face of the new Riu Plaza provides a transparent seamless visual connection from outside to inside, creating a signature entrance to the building.  A point supported windscreen at the 30th floor highlights hotel signage.


New York, NY



Products Used

Point supported glass fin wall, canopy, parapet railing and windscreen