Our goal for the Wistar Institute vestibule was to consider multiple design options, including cable supports and glass fins, to create a striking point supported glass vestibule that fit within budget.


Bellwether was brought into the project very early on to provide multiple options for the architect to consider, including an early version with aircraft-grade stainless steel cable supports. The final version included a glass fin structure with custom fitting anchors and a steel-framed roof structure clad in glass. Two sets of entry doors, with stainless-clad portals, are integrated within the structure.


The final vestibule design at Wistar Institute is a striking architectural element, which presents a double height glass box that houses a unique hanging sculpture. Bellwether’s early design assistance efforts allowed for full coordination with the construction team, thus helping to manage budgets and meet the schedule.


Philadelphia, PA


Ballinger, Philadelphia, PA

Products Used

Point supported glass vestibule with doors