Puck Building Glass Canopy

The Puck Building is an historic building in New York City built in 1885.  It currently houses upscale shops and residences. Our project was to design a simple canopy system for two outdoor penthouse apartment areas.

Glass Canopy - Roosevelt University - New York NY

The canopies at the Puck Building were designed to be simple yet functional, with a need to blend with the architectural elements of the historic building. Bellwether created aluminum T-shaped outriggers, with integrated concealed anchors. One of the locations changes slope and direction, requiring a reversal of the outriggers within the run, to accommodate the directional change.

The two custom canopies provide a bridge between the original architecture of the building, and a modern aesthetic, by incorporating traditional outrigger shapes with point supported fittings to support the glass.

New York, NY
PKSB Architects, New York, NY
Products Used
Glass canopies with aluminum T outriggers, and point supported fittings, with laminated glass.