Our objective for the Kirkpatrick Oil Headquarters skylight was to create an all-glass, single slope skylight that provided natural daylight to a long, narrow corridor in this remodeled building. Our criteria were many. The architect did not want to see any metal framing. The skylight required the structural performance to handle the severe wind loads common to Oklahoma, and we had to deliver the custom skylight on a relatively modest budget.


Bellwether designed a custom, frameless skylight with glass sized to be structurally appropriate for local wind loads; the dead load requirements of a seven-foot span; and the point load requirements of someone stepping on it. We carefully designed the system so that even the sill framing could not be seen from below.


The custom skylight is virtually transparent, providing the clearest possible views of the Oklahoma skies. Architectural Record said: “The soaring, double-loaded corridor is animated by a crystal-clear linear skylight and shadows cast from above.” The skylight became the basis for the Insight single slope design.


Hennessey, OK


Elliott + Associates Architects, Oklahoma City, OK

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Structural Glass Skylight